Antminer S17 (S 17) Profitability Mining Calculator

The Antminer S17 will launch in 2019 and provide a rumored 35-45 Th/s hashing speed utilizing the SHA-256 Algorithm. Bitmain is on the cusp of releasing this model any day now and some rumors have even noted that this model could hash up to 45-50 TH/s but only time will tell. We will be updating the profitability of the S17 very soon after it is released on this page. The calculators located on the lower part of this S17 page can be used to calculate any different scenario when it comes to the profitability of the S17. If the S17 does indeed can hash at the rumored 38 TH/s, mining could become profitable again even for those of us who have to pay for electricity. The wattage for the S17 is rumored to be around 1500 watts while some sources say it may be closer to 1600 watts. (We will update this page with exact figures as soon as we have them) This S17 Antminer may be the best and most profitable miner for 2019. Bitmain is also saying that they will have an S17 PRO Antminer which we are also looking forward to calculating the profitability on coming soon. Stay tuned and check back on this same page for further information on the Antminer S17 and the Profitability for the Antminer S17 and S17 PRO. For exact Antminer S17 profitability and earnings, please see below to calculate:

Antminer S17 (S 17) Miner

Mining Algorithm: SHA-256

Bitmain Antminer S17 S 17 Rumored 35 TH/s to 45 TH/s - First Released Mid, 2019 - Power Usage: Est 1500W - Noise Emission: Est 85db

To find the exact profitability for Antminer S17, please enter 35 - 45 TH/s below and 1500w for power consumption. Also enter your power cost KW/h (Kilowatt Per Hour) to properly calculate exact profitability at this time.

To calculate Antminer S17 profitability, enter 35 or 45 Th/s and 1500w power usage below

We've included profitability calculators for the top coins that the Antminer S17 can mine - After inputting your hashing power and electricity usage watts, then click Calculate below for either BTC or BCH:

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Full Antminer S17 Specifications and Details


Parameters of ANTMINER S17-35 (RUMORED SPECS)
NO. Parameters Value
1 Product model S9i-35.0 – NM7 CHIPS V 2.0
2 Total quantity of hash chips 397 PCS
3 Total quantity of hash boards 6 PCS
4 Total hash rate 35.00 TH/s
5 DC voltage input 11.60~13.00 V
6 DC current input @12V DC input 102.3 A +10%
7 DC Power @12V DC input 1550 W +10%


220VAC Power @25℃ ,93%

conversion efficiency of APW3


1550 W +10%



220VAC Power efficiency @25℃ ,93%

conversion efficiency of APW3


94 J/TH +10%

10 Weight(without package) 4.2 kg
11 Operation temperature 0-40 ℃
12 Storage temperature -40-85 ℃
13 Operation humidity 5%RH-95%RH,prevent condensation
14 Noise 84 dB
15 Networking connection mode Ethernet Cable
16 Power connection mode All three PCI-E ports are required topower the board. You can use one PSU

to power multiple boards, but do not attempt to power one board with two PSUs.

We suggest preventing the control board to be powered up before hash boards be

powered up.

17 Size (Length*Width*Hight) 350mm*135mm*158mm